Best HP laptop to buy in 2023

Best HP laptop to buy in 2023

HP laptop to buy in 2023


1. HP Envy 13 x360 (2022 LAPTOP

Best HP laptop overall

12th-gen Intel Core i5-i7Iris Xe Intel GraphicsRAM: 8–16GB13.3-inch 2.8K IPS BrightView OLED touchscreen1 TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Buy it for its excellent battery life, bright OLED screen, and strong performance.

Reasons to avoid: – No HDMI output – Janky touchpad
We only had a few small concerns with the HP Envy x360 13 (2022): no HDMI connector and a sensitive trackpad.

It starts with its low pricing compared to competitors. The basic model costs $900/£800. The most costly model, with its OLED display and 12th-gen Intel Core i7, is still cheap.

The HP Envy 13 x260 meets high performance standards as an Evo-certified device. We liked its laptop and tablet performance, which was comparable to larger 2-in-1s. Despite being one of our smallest and most compact models. The battery life of over nine hours was impressive, especially since OLED screens use more power.

2. HP Spectre x360 (2022)LAPTOP


Best HP laptop with OLED display
12th-gen Intel Core i5–i7Iris Xe Intel GraphicsRAM: 8–16GBScreen: 13.5″ 3K2K UHD IPS BrightView micro-edge OLED multitouch.256GB–2TB SSD storage

REASONS TO BUY: + Gorgeous design + Fantastic OLED display + Stylus included + Excellent battery life
Reasons to avoid: -Touchpad needs improvement -High price

It was impressive to test the HP Spectre x360 (2022). This HP laptop brand has always been solid, but this one combines a fast 12th-gen Intel Core processor and a gorgeous OLED display for a mostly great computing experience.

Most computers have issues, but this one has one major one. Yes, its touchpad. It was too touchy, so we used its great touchscreen or an external mouse when possible. The price of this laptop, with the optional OLED display, doesn’t help.

The sharp 3K2K OLED screen is worth it. Also featured are a good keyboard, plenty of connectors, and a stylus. Given that OLED screens use more energy, its eight-hour battery life is impressive. Just add a wireless mouse for a little more.

3. HP Envy 14-eb0000na LAPTOP



The best HP mini productivity machine

Intel Core i7-1165G7Graphics: Max-Q GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, Intel Iris XeRAM: 8–32GB14-inch 1920×1200 (16:10) screen Multi-touch IPS micro-edge display1TB PCIe NVMe TLC SSD

Buy it for its understated elegance, great thermal management, and power.
Reasons to avoid: – Slightly buggy touchscreen – Expensive

The HP Envy 14-eb0000na is barely a year or so from being antique, but its adaptability keeps it on this list. This elegant Ultrabook is light enough for most people and powerful enough for creative work and casual gaming thanks to its discrete graphics.

We tested it and found it worked great. It was quick and, more importantly, calm under pressure. This won’t run AAA games, but it’s good enough for most folks.

The touch feature is slightly buggy. The 1200p 16:10 touch display is nice to use overall. Its hefty price may seem excessive for an all-rounder. It’s a quality computer that can meet most people’s power and portability needs.


4. HP Envy 16

Best HP laptop for creative gamers
Up to 12th-gen Intel Core i7-12900HUp to GeForce RTX 3060 graphicsUp to 32GB RAM16-inch 16:10 UHD+ (3,840 x 2,400) screen Touch OLED displayUp to 2TB PCIe Gen4 SSD

REASONS TO BUY: +Stunning 4K OLED display +Optimal content creation and gaming +Excellent webcam +Excellent audio
Reasons to avoid
There is no fingerprint scanner and the battery life is poor.
It can be noisy and overheat when under load.

A select group of users will like the HP Envy 16, a powerhouse. Our video test for the average commuter found its battery life to be under six and a half hours. High-end setups and OLED displays are pricey. However, this may be the best option if you need significant screen real estate and power for creative work and gaming.

The HP Envy 16 handled graphically complex Photoshop and Premiere Pro tasks well. Even Cyberpunk 2077 on Ultra settings provided unexpected results, hitting slightly around 50 fps. More than power is available. Any creative work will print accurately with 100% Adobe RGB colour coverage. You’ll look brilliant in video calls with a 5MP IR webcam.

This Ultrabook won’t be portable and powerful like the HP Envy 13 x360 (2022). Instead, this laptop serves as a great desktop alternative.


5. HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook

The finest HP Chromebook
Up to Intel Core i7-1265U w/vProIris Xe Intel GraphicsRAM: 16GB LPDDR514-inch, 16:10 LCD (2560 x 1600p), touchscreen, 1200 nits max.256GB NVMe SSD

Reasons to buy: + Beautiful design + Strong hardware + Impressive display
Reasons to avoid: – Expensive – Non-customizable

Despite its MacBook Pro / Dell XPS price, the HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook is amazing. While it’s not a normal Chromebook pricing, it’s one of the best and most powerful ChromeOS-based laptops we’ve encountered.

Its 12th-Gen Intel Core i5 and 16GB RAM are impressive for this type of PC. It destroyed almost every benchmark and test we gave it. With a 1600p display and 1200 nits of brightness, the Dragonfly Pro’s price is much beyond average for similar items. It has four USB-C Thunderbolt connectors, so you can power a USB-C monitor or two for more screen space.

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