How to reset amana washer lid lock

How to reset amana washer lid lock


The Amana Washer lid lock switch contributes to the safety of those who are in the immediate vicinity of the machine. Alternately, you can continue to use your washer to wash your clothes even if the lid switch has stopped working properly by avoiding using the switch that locks the lid.

If you do not successfully bypass the lid lock, your washer will not turn on and will not operate in the correct manner. So, how exactly do you go about correctly bypassing the lid switch on the Amana Washer?

You’re in luck since we put together this how-to guide on Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass specifically for people in your situation. Let’s get even deeper into it without further ado, shall we?

How to Get Around the Lid Lock Switch on an Amana Washing Machine?

To circumvent the lid lock switch on your Amana washer, follow these detailed instructions on how to overcome the lid lock.

* To begin, disconnect the device from the electrical outlet, as is standard procedure whenever any home equipment is being repaired. To remove the horizontal panel, either remove the screws that are holding it together or break off the tabs that are holding it together.

To be more explicit, one must firmly hold the back panel and then pull it forward in order to lift the entire piece. After lifting the back panel, you will see a variety of wiring harnesses organized in their respective compartments.

Find the connector that links the lid switch to the rest of the device. This component tells your washing machine whether the lid is open or closed, regardless of whether it actually is.

To disengage it from the lid switch, pull off the connector that’s attached to it. * Simply connecting the connector’s two terminals on the outside of the device will circumvent the lid switch. In this instance, you will need to take a section of wire and remove the insulation from both ends of the wire.

After that, bend it so that the wire is in the shape of a U. * After that, take the wire shaped like a U and insert it into the connector from both sides. You may secure the wires in place and prevent them from coming loose when the washing machine is moving back and forth by wrapping them with electrical tape.

* Now you should put the back panel back where it was. In order to test whether or not the device works, you must first connect it to an electrical outlet and then turn it on.

The Replacement of the Amana Washer Lid Lock

In the event that the lid switch on the Amana washer fails, you will not be able to drain the water. You can, of course, disable the lid lock in order to continue using the washing machine for a few more days until the replacement component arrives. To change the washer lid lock switch, wait for the OEM Lid Lock Switch to arrive, then follow the steps that are listed below.

* Make sure you have three pieces of equipment close at hand: a nut driver with a 1/4-inch head, a nut driver with a 1/16-inch head, and a screwdriver with a Phillips head.

* Be careful to turn off the power to your washing machine and disconnect it from the socket before moving on to the next step in the repair process.

* In order to remove some screws, you will need to invert your washer. It is necessary to remove the four screws that are attached to the panel in order to detach the control console. To begin, grab your 1/4-inch nut driver and unscrew the two screws that are located at the top of the panel.

Then, using the screwdriver with a Phillips head, remove the two screws that are located below. * Now, move the control console to the front of its position and just tilt it forward. Find the switch for the lid, and then detach it from the grounding wire in order to remove it. Therefore, take the nut driver measuring 5/16 inches, raise the clip located precisely there, and pull the wires out.

* The next step is to find the tab, and then pinch the tap. After you have done that, check that the door is open and that the switch can be removed without any difficulty. In the event that you are unable to open the door, the switch will become immobilized in its current position.

* Get your hands on the brand new OEM replacement lid switch, and then push it into place to install it. The cable harness or connector should then be connected to its new location.

* Once more, the grounding wire should be reattached by screwing it down with the 5/16th-inch nut driver. After that, you should replace the control console in its original position. Last but not least, you need to put every screw back where it belongs.

There is a problem with the Amana washer’s lid lock

There is a “Fresh Hold” cycle available on some Amana washers. If you select this alternative, the door will continue to be locked until you press the cancel button, at which point it will be unlocked. If, after the completion of the cycle, the washer won’t unlock, you should unplug it from the electrical outlet. After that, sit still for two minutes so that the control can reboot itself.

How Do I Reset The Lid Lock On My Amana Washer?


Tap and hold down the End Cycle or the Signal Cycle button for a total of twenty seconds in order to reset the lid lock on your Amana Washer. You also have the option of switching the washer off and then unplugging it from the power source. After a few minutes have passed, reconnect the power cord and power on the device. The Amana Washer lid lock will be reset by itself automatically.

Amana washer

The final word

It is not difficult at all to get around the lid switch that is on the Amana Washer. Simply repeat the actions that were described above in order to get around the Amana Washer Lid Lock. It is strongly suggested that you do not continue to use the washer in this condition for an extended period of time. If you have children living in your home, you should immediately replace the lid lock switch in order to eliminate any potential hazards.

In order to replace the OEM replacement lid lock switch when it arrives, you will need to complete the procedures of repair that we outlined earlier in this article. However, if you are not good with mechanical things, you should consider hiring an expert.


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