Privacy Policy

Gadgets100 uses a reliable policy to keep all your queries under wraps if contacted through email for any inquiry your data would be kept confidential

Gadgets100, which can be viewed at, places a high priority on protecting users’ personal information. In this document titled “Privacy Policy,” we describe the information that we collect, how we put it to use, and the conditions under which we might disclose it to third parties.
This Privacy Policy applies to any information that is submitted by or collected by visitors to Our online operations are the only ones that are covered by this policy. This policy does not apply to any information obtained in any other manner besides through the use of this website.
The information that we compile.
When we ask you for your personal information, we will explain both the sort of information we require and the reason we require it in a clear and concise manner at the time of the request.
If you want to communicate with us directly, we will be able to get more information about you. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, the contents of any messages and/or attachments you send us, as well as any other information you like to provide.
How we plan to make use of the information that you supply
Establish, maintain, and keep current our online presence.
Expand, differentiate, and improve the quality of our presence online.
Utilize the data to gain insight into how users interact with your website.
Develop completely original products, features, and capabilities.
Find and halt fraudulent activity.
The standard practice of using log files is followed by Gadgets100. These are not connected to anything that may be used to identify the user, thus no personal information can be obtained from them. Internal objectives, such as recognizing patterns, maintaining the site, monitoring users around the site, and accumulating demographic data, are some of the uses for the data that are carried out with it.
Cookie Privacy Statements of Advertisement Partners Provided by DART (DoubleClick by Google)
Gadgets100 has prepared a list of its advertising partners, complete with links to each company’s individual privacy policies, which can be found here.
Using tracking technologies such as cookies, JavaScript, or Web Beacons, advertisements and links displayed on Gadgets100 may be sent to a user’s browser directly from a third-party ad server or ad network. This may occur when an advertisement is clicked on by the user. Your Internet Protocol address is sent to them automatically, without requiring any more action on your part. Advertisers make use of these tools in order to monitor the efficacy of their campaigns and better cater their messages to the interests and preferences of their target audiences.
Please be aware that Gadgets100 does not own or operate the advertising cookies that are being served by third-party websites.
Other Organizations’ Precautions Regarding Security
The privacy policies of Gadgets100 do not extend to address the practices of third-party advertisers or websites. You may learn more about how to control cookies in a certain browser by going to the website of that browser’s developer.
The Right to Keep Things Confidential In accordance with the CCPA (I ask that you not disclose any of my personal information),
Demand that a business that regularly engages in the practice of selling the personal information of its consumers stop doing so.
We will get back to you within a month regarding your inquiry. If you want to make use of any of these rights, you are required to get in touch with us.
the Right to the Secrecy of One’s Own Data According to the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data
We would like to make sure that you have a complete understanding of the control that you have over your personal information. Every consumer will receive these bonuses regardless of their purchase:
At any time, you are permitted to request a copy of the information that pertains to you personally. A little payment might be required in exchange for this service.
You are afforded the legal right to request that we rectify any of your personal information that, in your judgment, is inaccurate. You can also request that we complete any details that you believe are lacking from the description.
You have what’s known as the “right to be forgotten,” which is the right to request that we remove any personal information we have on file for you under certain conditions.
You have the right to make a request that we restrict how we use your personal information in specific scenarios. This privilege comes with certain responsibilities.
The right to lodge an objection to the processing of You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data in certain situations; however, this right only applies in specific situations.
You have the right to data portability, which means that under certain conditions, you can ask us to provide you or another organization access to the information that we’ve obtained on you.
We will get back to you within a month regarding your inquiry. If you want to make use of any of these rights, you are required to get in touch with us.
Information Intended for Young Readers
In addition, one of our top priorities is to make the internet a more secure environment for children to explore. We strongly encourage that parents or guardians monitor, provide guidance to, and/or participate in their children’s time spent on the internet.
If you are younger than 13, we ask that you not give Gadgets100 with any of your personal information. If you have any reason to believe that your child has provided this kind of information on our website, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we will make every attempt to promptly remove such information from our records. We ask that you please contact us immediately in this case.
The terms of our Privacy Statement may be revised at any time.