The 7 best clippers for men in 2023

The 7 best clippers for men in 2023


1. The Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper is Our Pick for the 7 Best Hair Clippers for Men Overall.

Given how simple and straightforward Wahl makes performing the operation, anyone may
buy this high-quality clipper for about forty dollars and deceive themselves into believing they
are a genuine barber. This method, which offers ten distinct colored-coded clipping lengths
and angled guard combs for maneuvering around the ears, will be referred to as clipping by
numbers.It may be used either corded or cordless, and it has a runtime of one hour when it
is unplugged. A good number of us became used to the corded version of this one when we
were growing up, and to this day, it has not lost any of its dependability.

2. Get the Braun Series 7 Hair Clippers (Model 7390), which are our pick for the best clippers for men

With the help of an adjustable lever located on the devices spine, this remarkable clipper is
able to condense all 17 of its trimming lengths, ranging from 1 to 35 mm, into only two very
durable guard attachments. You may give yourself a rapid buzz cut after just five minutes of
charging time, and it will keep a charge for a total of fifty minutes on just one hour of
charging time.

When you need to remember that specific length for your next buzz — and to
make sure that you dont unintentionally transition from one length to a much shorter one in
the middle of shearing — a lock will mark your chosen settings in place so that you dont
forget them.

3. The Panasonic Multishape is the Best Clipper for men /Beard Trimmer Hybrid on the Market

This versatile tool from Panasonic performs exceptionally well as a beard trimmer, hair
clipper, body groomer, and even as a straightforward foil shaver. As a starting point, we recommend the
hair/body/beard attachment (which has 58 various clipping lengths! ), but we also hope you'll
take into consideration purchasing the dedicated beard trimmer (which has 39 different
lengths) and the shave attachment as well. Make sure you go with the lithium ion battery
base rather than the Ni-MH base because it only costs 10 more bones and offers
significantly greater power and active time than the Ni-MH base.

4. The BaBylissPRO Hair Clippers Are the Best Luxury Hair Clippers You Can Buy Clippers from the LoPROFX Collection


This is a clipper of such high quality that not even your barber will be able to contain their
jealousy. The ergonomic-grip gadget offered by BaBylissPRO can hold a muscular clip for
two hours without being plugged in, and it can be zero-gapped for exceptionally clean edge
work. The graphite wedge blade is resistant to forward movement as well as overheating,

and it can be angled in one of five different ways to achieve the optimal approach on your
head (or on the head of a buddy). It comes with eight different guard attachments that can
cut between 1 and 19 mm of material.

5. The Wahl Professional Peanut Cordless Hair Clipper Kit is our pick for the best hair clippers for traveling.


The Peanut is an adorable lightweight clipper-trimmer combination that is just too charming
for words. Although you should not rely on it as your only hair clipper, you should nonetheless
have it in your toiletry kit so that you can easily clean up on the go. It uses two AA batteries
and features four guard combs that can be adjusted to various lengths, with possibilities
ranging from 1/8

6. The Remington Shortcut is the most ergonomic hair clipper on the market today.

The Shortcut is ideal for men who self-groom their beards on a regular basis—you know, the
guy who likes to keep his tennis-ball trim on a daily basis. Slip-resistant, it fits perfectly in the
palm of your hand, and it is much simpler to maneuver around the head compared to
lengthier and more conventional barber clippers.

Additionally, its wide smile has a tiny curve to it, which makes it easier to wrap the head around it.

You can even use it while you are in the shower or on the road. It comes with nine guard combs that range in size from 1 mm all
the way up to 15 mm and allow you to gradually go through the sizes.


7. The Seventh, and Finest Outliner Andis Professional Cordless T-Outliner Clippers are used for cutting hair.

The T-blade clipper from Andis is unrivaled when it comes to producing clean edges. It is
even possible to zero-gap it in order to bring it even closer to the skin, making it an essential
component for anyone who keeps a DIY lineup. Because it is not an ordinary hair clipper on
its own, you should only acquire it if you regularly need such straight lines. In addition, it
works wonderfully for beard necklines, and it may also be used for removing mustache
curtains from the upper lip.

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