Is Walmart Eye Center good? Detailed review

Wearing glasses can be costly and inconvenient when it comes to replacing them. The user has been wearing glasses for an extended period of time and has occasionally delayed replacing them due to the inconvenience it entails.

This article provides an analysis of Walmart Vision Centre, which offers the convenience of purchasing glasses either online or in-store.

Before visiting the Walmart Vision Center, there are five important things to keep in mind.

Walmart Vision Centre is a potential option to explore for individuals seeking an eye exam, new glasses, or contact lenses. The website offers a wide range of frame styles and colours at competitive prices.

In order to determine the availability of a Walmart Vision Centre in your vicinity, you can navigate to the store location page and input your ZIP code. In the event that a nearby location is not available, an alternative option is to explore online shopping for glasses and contacts.

Before making a purchase or scheduling an eye exam, it is important to consider the following five factors regarding Walmart Vision Centre:The Walmart Vision Center offers a variety of products and services.

Upon my initial exploration of the Walmart Vision Center’s website, I observed a comprehensive range of optical products and services available. These offerings encompass prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, and contact lenses. In addition to obtaining a prescription, individuals have the option to undergo eye exams and contact lens fittings from independent optometrists situated near specific vision centres.

The website offers a wide selection of over 1000 styles for online shopping, with frame prices starting at $49.95.

Upon accessing the website, I observed the presence of various options positioned at the top of the screen. These options provide the functionality to refine and narrow down my search results.

Based on my analysis of the available frames, it appears that Walmart may not be the most suitable option for individuals seeking brand-name frames. Upon conducting a search, I observed that the selection of high-end brands, such as Nautica, Calvin Klein, and Converse, was rather limited. Additionally, the available styles were found to be listed by third-party sellers.

The choice of lens type may vary depending on your prescription and personal preferences. Walmart Vision Centre offers both single-vision lenses and progressive no-line lenses for customers to choose from.

The availability of frames for purchase is limited to online platforms. However, when it comes to prescription lens options, there is a wider range to choose from in physical stores. These options include clear lenses, basic tinted lenses, polarised tinted lenses, and transition lenses.

The package includes clear, plastic lenses at no additional cost, which are equipped with an anti-scratch coating. In addition to the standard features, customers have the option to select additional features such as no-glare coating and impact-resistant lenses, which come at an extra cost.

The Walmart Vision Centre offers a wide selection of contact lenses, including popular brands such as Acuvue, Air Optix, and Biofinity.

What is the cost of an eye exam at Walmart eye center ? 

The availability of a nearby Walmart Vision Centre offers the convenience of scheduling an eye exam for obtaining a new or updated prescription. Certain vision centres offer the convenience of having separate optometry offices located adjacent to Walmart.

The cost of an eye exam at Walmart is approximately $91, although it may vary depending on the specific location. The cost for an eye exam at Walmart appears to be in line with the average prices offered by other well-known optical centres.

It is advisable to contact the nearest Walmart Vision Centre in order to obtain precise pricing information for the eye exam prior to making an appointment. When undergoing a fitting for contacts or renewing a contacts prescription, it is important to be aware that there may be an additional fee associated with these services.

It is important to acknowledge that although Walmart employs some optometrists, the majority of eye exams are carried out by self-employed doctors who rent space in the stores, typically located near the vision centres.

The process of booking an exam involves utilising the online store finder and contacting the phone number associated with the nearest location. Based on the information provided on the website, it is stated that an associate is available to assist in scheduling an appointment.

What is the price range for glasses at Walmart eye center?

The price of frames is determined by the materials used in their construction. Similarly, the prices of lenses can differ depending on the specific features that are necessary for your prescription.

The Walmart eye Centre provides a range of frames for purchase online, with prices starting at slightly below $50 and going up to $146. By utilising online filters, I successfully narrowed down the price range for prescription glasses. The results indicated that there are over 100 options available for purchase at a price below $100. These options encompass a variety of styles suitable for both men and women. Additional styles, including prescription glasses for children, can be found in stores.

The prices of lenses and frames can differ based on the specific type of lenses chosen and the frames selected. The initial prices displayed for frames consist of clear, plastic, single-vision lenses accompanied by an anti-scratch coating.

In November 2023, I proactively contacted my local Walmart store to gather information about lens pricing, as this information was not readily accessible online. According to the information provided, single-vision lenses are available for adults at a starting price of $35, while progressive no-line lenses have a higher starting price of $100.

After selecting your prescription type, you will have the option to choose from a range of prices starting from specific amounts (as of November 2023).

The cost of clear lenses is $30, basic tint is $20, and polarised tint for single vision is $115.

The cost of transition lenses is $85.

It is important to consider that when selecting prescription sunglasses, the available tint options are limited to basic, polarised, or transition tints.

The presence of an anti-scratch coating is a standard feature on all lenses, without any additional cost. The available additional features for the product are a no-glare coating, which starts at a price of $55, and impact-resistant lenses, which start at a price of $60. Nikon offers Advanced and Customised lens options for select frames, starting at $185 for single-vision lenses.

It is advisable to contact the Walmart Vision Centre in your area to inquire about the pricing of lenses for the glasses you are considering. You may also want to ask for the starting prices of specific types of lenses. The prices of goods or services can differ depending on the location and may also fluctuate over time.

The cost of contact lenses at Walmart Vision Centre starts at $14 per box, but it is important to note that prices can significantly differ based on the brand. To ensure that you obtain the most favourable deal on contacts, it is advisable to compare prices across multiple trustworthy online retailers.

What types of insurance does Walmart eye Centre accept?

The Walmart Vision Centre is able to accommodate a wide range of insurance providers, primarily for eye exams and purchases made in-store. In order to determine whether your insurance is accepted, it is advisable to contact the nearest location.

The website states that Walmart is not within the network of the following insurance companies: – Cole Managed Vision – Davis Vision – EyeMed – Spectra – VSP

To obtain a reimbursement from one of these providers, please refer to the page on for detailed information.

What is the typical waiting time for receiving glasses from Walmart eye Centre?

The recent update to Walmart’s website allows customers to conveniently order frames exclusively through their online platform. The option to include a custom prescription and receive pre-made glasses delivered to your home is not available. There are two options available for obtaining prescription glasses: ordering them in-store or ordering frames online and then having the lenses replaced at a later time.

The average delivery time for glasses is approximately one week, regardless of whether you purchase frames online or get prescription lenses from a physical store. The delivery time for complex prescriptions can vary significantly, with a potential duration of up to three weeks.

Based on the information provided on Walmart’s website, it can be inferred that contact lenses are usually delivered within a timeframe of 5-7 business days. However, the website does not provide specific details regarding the delivery times for glasses.

Contact lenses can be shipped expedited, with an estimated delivery time of 3-4 business days. The cost for this service is $11.95. The user encountered difficulty in locating an expedited option for purchasing glasses online. However, they did come across glasses that were categorised with shipping durations such as “1-day shipping,” “2-day shipping,” and “3+ day shipping.”

In conclusion, it is important to consider the overall implications and significance of the subject matter at hand.

The Walmart Vision Centre provides a wide range of reasonably priced frames and lenses for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, which I found to be quite impressive. Compared to competitors such as Target Optical, Sam’s Club, and Costco, comprehensive eye exams are available at an average price.

Upon conducting a comparison of the prices for prescription lenses and frames, it was observed that the costs are similar to those offered by EyeBuyDirect and America’s Best. Engaging in a thorough comparison shopping exercise can potentially lead to the discovery of more affordable prices at online retailers such as Zenni Optical. However, it can be observed that the prices offered at Walmart Vision Centre are comparatively more competitive than the average prices found at Target Optical or Warby Parker.

Based on my research, it appears that Walmart eye Centre offers affordable options for single-vision frames and lenses, with prices typically staying below $100. While it is possible to purchase frames online, I would suggest visiting a physical store for a more comprehensive experience. By trying on glasses in person, you can ensure a proper fit and assess their suitability. Additionally, visiting a store allows you to order prescription lenses and take advantage of any insurance benefits that may be applicable.


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