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After much anticipation, GPT 4, sometimes referred to as Chat GPT-4, is finally accessible to users. The newly developed artificial intelligence technology has been the topic of much controversy ever since it was made publicly available, particularly in relation to the new capabilities it provides in contrast to Chat GPT-3.5.

In this lesson, we go over the new capabilities that have been added to Chat GPT-4 and discuss how you may use them to your advantage.

OpenAI made the announcement regarding the official release of Chat GPT-4 on Tuesday, March 14. Chat GPT-4 is a brand new artificial intelligence chatbot that is an improvement upon an earlier version of the chatbot known as Chat GPT-3.5. OpenAI presented a live video on YouTube in which it showcased the capabilities of the newly formed AI model it has been working on.

The company that was responsible for developing the AI model asserts that the most recent version, Chat GPT-4, is superior to its predecessor in a variety of respects, including being faster, being more self-sufficient, being more creative, and being more stable.

The business stated that they trained GPT-3.5 as a first “test” of the system approximately one year ago. We were successful in locating several problems, fixing them, and further developing our theoretical foundation all at the same time.

As a direct result of this, the training run that we completed with GPT-4 was extraordinarily steady, and it became the first of our large models whose training performance we were able to correctly estimate in advance. As a result of this, GPT-4 became the first of our large models whose training performance we were able to accurately predict.


To be more specific, what is this Chat GPT-4?

GPT-4 or just chit-chatting about it GPT-4 is a large multimodal model that, in addition to its many other capabilities, such as writing code, translating and proofreading texts, writing articles, and creating spreadsheets, etc., GPT-4 is also capable of providing natural language answers to any question by leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP).

This is accomplished by utilising the capabilities of artificial intelligence. ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer’ is the name of the deep learning technique that is referred to by the acronym GPT. This technology use artificial neural networks to mimic human writing in order to produce text.

According to OpenAI, the skills of Chat GPT-4 are remarkably comparable to those of people: “although less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios, it shows human-level performance in several professional and academic benchmark tests”

What is the proper way for me to use the Chat GPT-4 programme?


At the moment, a ChatGPT Plus subscription is all that is required to acquire GPT-4 on its own. The free version of ChatGPT that is based on GPT-3.5 that is currently accessible will not be upgraded any time in the near future.

GPT-4 will also be made available to developers so that it may be used by them as an application programming interface (API), which will allow them to create new apps and services.

The quickest and easiest way to get started using GPT-4 is to try it out for free as part of Bing Chat, which is also the most cost-effective option. Microsoft has confirmed that their free-to-use browser chatbot, Bing Chat, is already utilising GPT-4. This information was provided by Microsoft. After Microsoft’s statement that it will be cooperating with OpenAI, we now have this fresh piece of information.

Users who have already enrolled for ChatGPT Plus can proceed through the steps of utilising GPT-4 Chat in exactly the same manner as they did when using GPT-3.5. You just need to relay your requirements to the algorithm, and then you need to pause for a few seconds so that it can respond.

GPT-4: Enhanced capability and functionality

According to OpenAI’s claims, GPT-4 is substantially more advanced than its predecessors in three essential areas: creativity, visual input, and contextual range.

According to OpenAI’s assertions, GPT-4 is far more creative than its predecessor, both on its own and while collaborating with humans on creative undertakings. This holds true whether the system is working alone or with other people. Examples of things that can be learnt include music, coding, technical writing, and even learning to write in the manner of a user. Even learning someone else’s writing style can be accomplished.

When they talk about the model’s ability to process text, OpenAI is referring to this as the “breadth of context.” The maximum amount of text that may be processed by GPT-4 at this time is 25,000 words, provided by the user. In addition, users are able to send GPT-4 the URL to a web page and ask it to interact with the material that is located on that page.

This eliminates the need for users to manually compose the interaction that they want GPT-4 to perform. The ability of the algorithm to produce content and the capacity of the algorithm to carry on extended talks are both optimised by the addition of this new functionality, which increases the capacity of the algorithm to carry on lengthy conversations.

The capability to handle images is yet another key new feature that can be discovered in GPT-4. The GPT-4 is not only capable of processing text, but it is also able to deal with visual data, such as photographs. For example, the GPT-4 can handle video data. That is to say, in order to connect with Chat GPT-4, we must first upload an image containing our questions or desires.

Last but not least, according to OpenAI, GPT-4 offers a level of security that is noticeably superior to that of Chat GPT-3.5. According to the findings of testing that were carried out in-house by OpenAI, GPT-4 is capable of delivering responses that are 40% more objective and is 82% less likely to “respond to requests for inappropriate content.”

The company that built the AI model claims that it worked with more than 50 industry specialists in order to acquire their preliminary views in a number of topic areas, including artificial intelligence safety and security. This information was gathered through a collaborative effort.

The constraints that are enforced by Chat GPT-4

In addition to announcing and explaining the model’s newly acquired capabilities, OpenAI has also fixed some of the deficiencies that were present in the new AI language model. The name given to the new model is the AI language. According to OpenAI, the most recent version of GPT still suffers from challenges related to “social biases, hallucinations, and adverse cues,” just like previous editions of the software did.

When OpenAI makes reference to “hallucinations,” they are referring to the fictitious responses that GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 would generate when they did not know the answer to a user’s question. They say that Chat GPT-4 is 40% more likely to produce genuine responses when compared to GPT-3.5. This is one of the areas that researchers have been working the hardest to address in recent years.

clients should be aware, however, that Chat GPT-4 is not error-free and, just like its earlier iterations, may feature a few hiccups here and there. This is an essential point to convey to clients.


Comparisons of the Chat GPT-4 and the Chat GPT-3.5 versions and their key differences

It has been underlined how much of an improvement the new artificial intelligence model from OpenAI is over Chat GPT-3.5, and its new features have been detailed in detail. OpenAI, on the other hand, has not provided any precise details regarding the enhancements that they have made to the new model.

According to OpenAI, Chat GPT-4 is capable of comprehending instructions, requests, and queries that are substantially more complex than those understood by GPT-3.5, which is the model that is currently being employed by the ChatGPT AI.

In terms of speed and processing capability, it is reported that the Chat GPT-4 is able to process up to 25,000 words at once, which is eight times more than the initial model of the GPT-3.

In addition to this, OpenAI argues that GPT-4 is more intelligent than its predecessor and is less likely to produce inaccurate responses or incorrect conclusions. This is because it has a larger data set to draw from. In addition to this, they argue that it is significantly more difficult to deceive others and more resistant to abusive requests.

In addition to the several optimisations that were incorporated into Chat GPT-4, the following is a list of some of the newly added features that were made available in this version.

The Chat GPT-4’s heightened functionalities, in particular.

The Chat GPT-4 possesses the capacity to understand graphics.

Because GPT-4 is a multimodal language model, it is not only able to interpret written language, but it is also able to analyse and interact with visual data, in addition to other forms of multimedia material. This is because written language is only one form of language.

One of the most appreciated new characteristics of GPT-4 is its ability to now accept photographs as queries, in addition to its potential to answer questions relevant to an image, produce captions, as well as categorise and inspect images. This capability has become one of the most talked about new aspects of GPT-4.

Programmatically speaking, it is light years ahead of everything else.

ChatGPT-3 possessed the ability to programme and was already capable of writing code as well as converting natural language into code. This was in addition to its many other skills, which included a wide range of additional capabilities. On the other hand, Chat GPT-4 takes these functionalities to an altogether new level and is a far more effective programmer than its predecessor.

The fact that Chat GPT-4 was able to design and programme the game Pong from scratch at the request of a user who had no prior knowledge with programming has been one of the pieces of information regarding Chat GPT-4 that has garnered the greatest excitement over the past few days.

The Chat GPT-4 is proficient in the ability to pass difficult examinations.

One of the most common complaints levied at Chat GPT was that it was unable to do well on exams that did not present an especially challenging challenge. As the Chat GPT revolution gained steam, a number of educators came to the realisation that they needed to explore the amount of intelligence possessed by the software in order to decide whether or not it was actually on par with that of a human.

This was done in order to evaluate whether or not it was truly on par with that of a person. A number of users have stated in their testimonials that Chat GPT-3 was not capable of passing the examinations that were necessary for primary or secondary schools.

Chat gpt

On the other hand, OpenAI and users who have actually put the algorithm through its paces assert that Chat GPT-4 performs noticeably better when subjected to rigorous testing. The GPT-4 candidate has already demonstrated their ability to pass the Uniform Bar, which is widely regarded as one of the more challenging bar examinations.

The score obtained on the GPT-4 put the student in the 90th percentile of all test takers. In addition to that, it received a score that placed it in the 99th percentile on the Biology Olympiad exam. ChatGPT, on the other hand, was only able to achieve this result in the 31st percentile across all testing.

It has a superior and more funny sense of humour than other people have.

In comparison to earlier iterations of GPT Chat, GPT-4 possesses a significantly improved understanding of the factors that contribute to the comedic value of any given situation.

If you show it a meme or another comical picture and ask it to explain what is funny about it, it is able to understand what is going on and provide an explanation to you. In addition to that, it has the ability to tell jokes that are more hilarious.


The very last word

The deep learning chatbot that has generated the most hype over the past several years is set to get an upgrade in the form of Chat GPT-4, which promises to be an improved version of the original. This upgrade is expected to take place in the next months.

The model propels us even further ahead in the field of artificial intelligence thanks to the addition of new capabilities as well as the strengthening of capabilities that were already there. However, the company that was responsible for developing the model admits that the Chat GPT-4 is not perfect and that it still has a number of flaws in its design and functionality.


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