Top 5 best Ps5 games to play in 2023

Top 5 best ps5 games Top 5 Ps5 games to play in 2023

 Since the PS5 has been out for about three years, its game library is at its pinnacle, with many fresh and thrilling games of all genres. We’ve done the work to give you this thorough summary of the current PlayStation console’s action, shooter, racing, puzzler, and other games. 

You’ll find a fast-paced shooter that pushes the console’s technical capabilities, a family-friendly adventure that showcases the DualSense controller’s innovative features, a stunning PS5 exclusive that immerses you in its action, or something else here. 

These aren’t PS5-exclusive titles—see our greatest PS5 exclusives list for those and their kin—but rather the best PS5 games available currently. Check out our favourites.


  1. Ragnarok

The finest PS5 game

The combination of a riveting and emotional plot with God of War’s distinctive crunching combat makes Ragnarok an epic experience. Every round brings an epic encounter or amazing story.

Ragnarok is the critically praised sequel to God of War (2018). This single-player epic follows Spartan Kratos and his son Atreus some years after its predecessor. However, they are preparing for Ragnarok, a conflict that is supposed to destroy the Nine Realms.

God of War fans will recognise Ragnarok, but its emotive narrative shines in its softer moments, and ingenious combat changes improve gameplay without oversaturating it. The sequel is violent and moving, making it PS5’s best mature open-world adventure.


  1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Why we love the finest PS5 superhero game.

Travelling New York as Miles Morales may be better than as Peter Parker in the first game. Miles’ fluid, seamless, combo-tastic air dancing is stunning.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a massive sequel like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, puts you in Miles’ Adidas trainers. Miles takes over New York’s management while Peter Parker is on vacation, and his first week is a disaster.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales rivals Hollywood blockbusters. The game’s fidelity setting showcases ray tracing (realistic reflections and lighting) and has a smooth 60fps performance mode. Miles Morales’s PS5 debut is the most family-friendly action-adventure, and not to be missed if you want to play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.


  1. Forbidden West Horizon

Beautiful, huge open-world action adventure with robot dinosaurs

Stalk, examine, and systematically dismantle and hunt all of Horizon Forbidden West’s robot dinosaur machines is thrilling. 

Horizon Forbidden West is the greatest PS5 game for open-world, narrative-driven adventures. Aloy’s new game is stunningly beautiful, compelling, and full of thrilling rob-dinosaur action, building on PS4’s Horizon Zero Dawn.

Some believe Forbidden West doesn’t change much from Zero Dawn or create new ground, yet it’s one of PS5’s best experiences. Do not overlook the side quests, some of the greatest we’ve played on PS5 (or any platform) in recent years.

  1. Sackboy: Big Adventure

Best family-friendly PS5 game

Sackboy: A Big Adventure has some of the best level design and playful landscapes on PS5, and rolling, grabbing, slapping, and more is delightful.

One of the biggest exclusives is Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Its kid-friendly nature and four-player local co-op make it a great family game that competes with Super Mario 3D World.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a great platformer that avoids many of the mistakes developers make when making games for kids. One of the best PS5 platformers for friends and family, don’t miss it.

  1. Returning

Top PS5 sci-fi challenge game

Returnal’s environment modifications are one of our favourite features since they keep the game new and unique, so no run or encounter is the same.


Returnal, one of Sony’s biggest PS5 exclusives, may attract players who haven’t played a roguelike before and be surprised by its severe difficulty, ever-changing levels, and permadeath mechanic. They may also struggle to stop playing Returnal’s harsh alien world after a few rounds.

Returnal blends Housemarque’s ‘bullet hell’ style to the roguelike genre, so you never know what to expect when you enter a room and must start over after you die. However, a tantalising tale and immersive gameplay that utilise PS5 3D Audio and the DualSense’s full range of functions will definitely have you coming back for “just one more run…” Returnal is a must-see for PS5 enthusiasts.

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