Badminton racket purchase: Useful things to consider

Before You Buy a Badminton racket, You Should Think About These 5 Things


These days, badminton is a popular sport played all over the world. The badminton racket is arguably the most essential piece of equipment for any badminton player, even when playing alongside a doubles partner.

But there is a question that makes every badminton player preoccupied, and that question is “Which badminton racket will be ideal for me??” Choosing a badminton racket is one of the greatest parts of the badminton game, so it’s important to make sure you choose the right one.

There are five factors to take into consideration when purchasing a badminton racket, regardless of whether you are purchasing a badminton racket for the first time or updating older rackets.

Issue you may encounter while purchasing racket

In addition, issues are something that are experienced not only by novices but even by those who are intermediate or even pros. The selection of a high-quality badminton racket not only complements your playing style but also helps you improve the features and techniques of your game to a level that you might not have thought was achievable.

Before purchasing a badminton racket, there are a few fundamental things that you, as well as everyone else, need to be aware of, as I learned today.


The material that the racket is constructed out of


As a result of the fact that badminton rackets are expected to withstand a significant amount of force while being used in competition, the material composition that is used to make them ought to be of an exceptionally high standard. Aluminium, steel, carbon fibre, and graphite are the four primary components that go into the construction of badminton rackets. Graphite is another component.


a selection of beginner badminton rackets built from aluminium or steel and offered at attractive prices for customers shopping for rackets. However, it is also possible to make an investment in badminton rackets made of carbon fibre or graphite, such as the Yonex Carbonex 7000 Badminton racket or the Head Inferno 70 Badminton racket, amongst other options. 

Rackets for badminton played at the intermediate and advanced levels that are manufactured from graphite composition materials. These badminton rackets are designed with cutting-edge technology such as Nanocarbon, which contribute to their lightweight construction, increased durability, and high-throughput performance on the badminton court.

Method of Playing with racket


When you are just getting started playing badminton, it is a good idea to choose a racket that corresponds to the type of play you prefer to do (offensive, defensive, or all-rounder). Additionally, it is essential to be aware of your playing style and to take into account your current skill level. Badminton rackets can be adapted to different playing styles such as control, power, and speed because to the myriad of features and designs that go into making them. Playing styles that are most frequently seen include those that are defensive or plain, offensive or attacking, all-rounder styles, etc.

Badminton racket

Are you seeking for a badminton racket that is more offensively oriented to suit your playing style? Consider Head-Heavy Badminton rackets If you want to play the power game from the other side of the badminton court, head-heavy rackets are the way to go. A player who is proficient in offensive badminton should have sufficient strength to be able to operate this playing style’s badminton racket in an effective manner.  

Head-Light badminton rackets are best suited for offensive players with a defensive approach who play doubles the most of the time. The advantage of using a badminton racket designed for this playing style is that both the head and the frame have less weight, making them more flexible and making it easier to swing aggressively. 

Position of the player


You can expect different characteristics or features from your badminton rackets depending on whether you are a beginner or a professional badminton player, thus your choice of badminton racket will be wholly unique to that of a professional badminton player. 


If you only play badminton on a sporadic basis, you should look into purchasing an isometric head badminton racket. These rackets will have a larger surface area, be more laid-back, and will make the games you play easier and simpler to understand.

If you play badminton on a regular basis, you should have a badminton racket that has a lot of power. A racket that has been constructed with a balanced spot at the head of the racket will provide greater power and deliver shots with more force.

If you play badminton frequently, you should invest in a racket that provides you with excellent control and precision. You will have improved control and exceptional responsiveness with a racket that has a balanced spot designed into the handle of the racket.  

Let’s find out which badminton racket is suitable for your playing level so we can get started!

Racket’s Length and Width


The strength of your badminton swings is the first thing you need to evaluate so you can make an informed decision about the available badminton equipment. The weight of the racket is directly linked to the amount of power that can be generated in a badminton swing since the power comes from the speed of the badminton racket head that is generated by the player on the court. Every badminton player has their own preference when it comes to the weight of their racket, which can range from lightweight to heavy weight depending on their preference.


Lightweight Badminton Rackets (85 gms): If you’re going to be playing doubles the majority of the time, it’s best to select lightweight rackets because it’s easier to develop a rapid and quick swing with them. This type of badminton racket is more manageable and makes it possible to play in a responsive manner.

Badminton rackets that Weigh More than 86 Grammes: Badminton rackets with heads that are heavier generate additional force, which is necessary for maintaining control of the badminton racket. These rackets are designed specifically for the singles game because of the increased power they generate in swings and shots. There are some badminton players who would benefit from using lighter rackets.

Balance the badminton Racket


In addition to their weight, badminton rackets can be ranked based on their balance, which refers to the general location of the weight throughout the racket. Place your finger a little under the head of the badminton racket and notice which direction the racket leans to determine the type of balance your badminton racket actually possesses. This will allow you to determine which category of balance your racket falls into.


In comparison, a Head-Light Badminton Racket Balance (288mm) is perfect for club players who play doubles significantly more than they do singles since it has a little weight over the head. Consider purchasing this racket if you value increased control and speed over increased power and are looking for something that is significantly easier to handle and swing. When playing shots at the net, it is considerably more appropriate, and it allows players to whack with tremendous speed. 

A Head-Heavy Badminton Racket Balance (>288mm) is one that has more weight added to the head of the racket. This type of balance increases the strength of smashes and long-range shots taken from the back of the court. It is not recommended for use in high-speed swaps as an appealing option. Players of rally badminton who require increased momentum may find this type of badminton racket to be an excellent choice.

An evenly-balanced badminton racket (280-300mm) delivers sufficient force (from the rear) as well as sufficient control and flexibility (at the front). This type of racket makes an effort to give the benefits that are associated with both head-heavy and head-light rackets. It is an excellent choice for those who are just starting out, or even for those who are unsure of the skill level or playing style they will employ on the court. This assortment of rackets is also perfect for individuals who are looking for an accurate weapon that offers limitless opportunities to improve their skills.


Coming to a Close


The sheer number of alternatives that are available to choose from when shopping for a badminton racket can be intimidating. A remarkable badminton smash is essential to the complete magnificence of a badminton racket, even if it is of the highest quality.

If you keep the aforementioned considerations in mind, you will be able to purchase a badminton racket of your liking, with the caveat that it should be comfortable for you to use and should not hinder your performance on the badminton court.

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