Best Nail designs types

Types of nail designs


You can have a lot of fun expressing your personality with nail designs, or you can use them to alter your look for the upcoming season. A nail design that stands out is not only a conversation starter but also a mood booster because it attracts compliments.

There are a plethora of other methods to change up your look, including color-pop tips, abstract swirls, and beautiful blossoms. The only things you’ll need are an hour or less of your time, a few of bottles of nail paint, and a few nail art tools (depending on the design).

Check out these 13 creative nail designs to get ideas for your next manicure at the salon or for a do-it-yourself manicure at home.
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Nails in a Hurdle

Abstract nail art provides a unique look that is open to a variety of interpretations. To begin, select one or more colors that you want to use and form squiggles of varied widths with a nail brush. You can paint a design onto each nail, but doing so every other nail will give you a more distinctive look.

Nails with an Ombre Effect

You’ll need a wedge-shaped makeup sponge, as well as two or three shades of nail polish that can be blended together effortlessly, in order to create the ideal ombré nail design. You should trim the flat edge of the sponge so that it is the same width as your nail. After applying the colors to the sponge in a grid-like pattern using the brushes, softly press the sponge onto your nail. Apply a top coat to finish, and you’re all set!

Nail polish in black and white

Using the form of the half-moon at the base of your nail as a reference is one technique to get this classy look for your fingernails. Apply white polish across your nail, taking care to leave the open half-moon area, and then use black polish to fill in the void that you just made with the white polish. If the half-moon regions on your nail aren’t visible, use a fine nail liner brush to make the rounded shape instead.

Nails with flowers

At a minimum, you’ll need a dotting tool, a liner brush, and two different nail polishes. Make use of the tool of your choice to begin painting the petal on your flower shape from the outside in, working toward the center. This will produce simple floral shapes. You should paint five or six petals for each flower, and then finish them off with a dot in the center that is a different color.

Nail Dots

This humorous design may be accomplished in a snap. To begin, create a background by painting the entirety of the nail with a single color. After the initial coat has had a chance to dry, use a dotting tool to delicately apply a series of dots all over each nail. Before applying the top coat, check to see that your polka dots are completely dry to avoid smudging.

Nails With Colored Tips Assorted Colors

Nail design

Create an original take on the traditional French manicure by using a modern color scheme. You might start with a clear base coat, or you can choose a color for a more striking appearance. Use a small liner brush to paint a contrasting color over the tip of your nail after the initial layer of polish has had time to dry. A line that is even and symmetrical can be created by following the free edge of your nail.

Nails de l’Art Lineal

You can make a line art design as straightforward or complex as you like depending on your preferences. First, apply a base coat of color to your nail, wait for it to dry, and then change the color of the ink on your liner brush. Create a stylish design on the nail by sweeping the brush across it in curved, straight, or crisscrossing motions.

Inspired by the Great Outdoors Nails

For the first time, will you be attempting a botanical design? Try your hand at painting a fern using a liner brush. To make the stem, begin by dragging a thin line across the nail at an acute angle. Next, add four dots on each side of the line, and one dot at the very end of the stem. To build the leaves, simply connect the dots to the middle line.

The Pop Art of Nails

This eye-catching design for nail art, which is also known as comic book or cartoon nails, is surprisingly simple to execute. You will need a primary polish in the color of your choice (ideally something bright), as well as black and white polishes for highlighting. After the primary color has had enough time to dry, use a black liner brush to outline your nails. Next, in order to produce a highlight effect, draw some curved white lines on one side.

Nail of heaven

You can achieve the appearance by beginning with a black, white, or midnight blue base. Create delicate crescent moons and starbursts by drawing with a liner brush dipped in metallic gloss. Add some sparkle by decorating your nails with rhinestones or clear glitter polish.

Nail Art With Color Blocking

This nail design is a little bit offbeat and whimsical. You can keep it straightforward by using only two colors, or you can choose as many as you want to create a unique look on each individual nail. The level of interest can be increased by using unconventional compositions, such as angled blocks of color, vertical stripes, or even wide squiggles.

Polished Marble Nails

You’re going to be shocked when you see how simple it is to achieve this sophisticated nail style. After applying a white base, add freeform lines in gray and black with a liner brush. The key to creating the impression that the design emerged naturally is to overlap your lines and vary the width of those lines.

Nails de Coeur

First, file your nail into an oval shape. Next, paint the top curves of the heart in the middle of your nail so that the tip of your nail works as the bottom of the heart. Finally, file your nail into a point at the end of the heart. Utilize two daring hues, such as scarlet and violet, to give this cheeky take on the French tip an even more contemporary appearance.


When you are ready to try out a new nail design, you should make it a point to remove all of your old nail polish in a methodical manner. After washing your hands and carefully removing your nail polish, treat your hands to a calming massage with a moisturizer or balm before continuing.

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