Philips BT64B Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

Philips BT64B Portable Bluetooth Speakers (Black)

  • Total Power: 3W RMS
  • Advanced audio performance with a compact design
  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Built-in microphone lets you easily switch from music listening to taking phone calls
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3.5mm connector, TF card
  • Tuner Bands: FM
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer
  • LED Indicator: Yellow LED for charging, blue LED for Bluetooth mode, green LED for Aux mode and blue and green alternate LED for FM mode

Technical Details

Model Year2016
Item Weight145 g
Product Dimensions11 x 3.2 x 5.6 cm
Batteries:1 A batteries required. (included)
Item model numberBT64B/94
Additional FeaturesBluetooth®, Micro SD, FM, Rechargeable battery
Included ComponentsUSB cable for PC charging, World Wide Warranty leaflet, Quick install guide.
Speaker ConnectivityWireless, Wired
Audio Wattage3 Watts
Wattage3 Watts
Batteries IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes
Battery Cell CompositionAlkaline
Signal To Noise Ratio55 dB
Supports Bluetooth TechnologyYes



Product description

Colour:Black, Philips BT64B

Go anywhere compactness meets great sound and a range of colors. Combined with built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming, the Phillips BT64B is ideal for the globetrotting fashionista in everyone. Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device – Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows easy wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices, so you can play your favorite music from any smartphones, tablets or even laptops including iPod or iPhone on Bluetooth-enabled speaker easily. Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere – Play music out loud – anytime, anywhere. The built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy your personal music without the fuss of entangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical outlet. Enjoy great music with the freedom of portability now. Built-in Digital FM radio – Digital Radio is, on top of FM analog transmission, a new way of broadcasting radio via a network of terrestrial transmitters. It provides listeners with more choices and information delivered in clear, crackle-free sound quality. The technology allows the receiver to lock on to the strongest signal it can be find. With digital stations there are no frequencies to remember, and sets are tuned by station name, so there is no returning on the move. Easy playback from MicroSD Card – Simply load the card with the desired content, plug it into your player – and never have to worry about running out of entertainment choices again. Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls – With its built-in microphone, this speaker also works as a speaker phone. When a call comes in, the music is put on pause and you can talk via the speaker. Call for a business meeting. Or, call your friend from a party. Either way, it works great.

From the manufacturer

Questions and Answers
Q:is there a aux cable in thke packet???
Q:how to connect with android blutooth
A:At first on the device then on the Bluetooth of your mobile then search the mobile Bluetooth for device then pair the device and a blink sound occure then play the songs…
Q:there is any difference between bt64R/94 and bt64b/94.or both are same.i have please reply i am waiting
A:Both are the same product. bt64r/94 is in red color. The last R specify red. Where as bt64b/94 is in Black color.
Q:does this speaker has fm radio
A:yes , it has please read instructions booklet provided with this speaker
Q:what is a charging time & use time
A:If you have a fast charges it takes around 1.5 hours and run time is 5-6 hours.
Q:can i listen music from sd card
A:yes you can insert micro SD in the slot for it
Q:can this connected with led tv
A:yes ,through male to male 3.5mm audio jack connector you can connect to any led tv.
Q:How it’s bass quality? Plzz help me i want to buy
A:honestly I didn’t like bass of it… however if you want to go for bass then go for Boat200 or Bose…
Q:is this have base effect
Q:my laptop have bluetooth ver 2.1 + EDR . this speaker will support my laptop???
A:yess it supports
Q:Hi, I want to use this product mostly without Bluetooth. Can anyone suggest me what kind of cable I should buy to connect it with my mobile, tab or laptop? Please reply.
A:U should have to use aux wire…which Philips provide with the product.
Q:how is the sound system of this speaker…???? reoky me fast im waiting?
A:It’s pretty good for this price, the buttons are not that great to be honest. sometimes the power button doesn’t respond. other than this everything is damn good
Q:is this equipped with high quality bass
A:not of very high quality but compared to other brand products of same range this one is the best in this price
Q:how is the sound system of this speaker…???? reoky me fast im waiting? i want to bug this but im confused about the sound system?
A:hello i buyed this before few months please dont go on the image the speakers are very very very small the sound system is superb but only for one small room thats it the speakers are very small.
Q:why we have increase the.first it was at rs1245
A:It’s worth the price . value for money even if its 1300rs
Q:how long does it take to get fully charged??
A:I think it will take up to 2-3 hours and after full charge we can use it for 4 hours continuously
Q:when this speaker full charge what was the indicator that speaker was charged
A:when this speaker full charge the indicator was off.
Q:how much backup battry gives??
A:It depends on mode of using Bluetooth Mode: 2 hrs 30 mins FM mode : 1hr 45 mins to 2hrs Aux mode and SD card mode: 2hrs 40mins to 3hrs On Average it will give 2hrs of backup with mixed modes.
Q:what is battery power?
A:There is no such power label but the device can run for almost 4-5 hours after a full charge.
Q:how are is the bass….
A:Frnds,This z da 1st time i m sharing personal experience regard gadzets.dnt go fr this prod, becoz i used logitech bt spker,wit tht experience i m saying u this.Philips comp is best but nt this prod.
Q:can i listen music through a pendrive also??
A:nope .. by bluetooth or sd card
Q:is it rechargeable??
A:yes it is chargeable and speaker sound is also cool .
Q:how do you charge the speaker is there a cable been provided by phillips??
A:Yes..phillips provided a charging cable…
Q:can I use pendrive
A:no… there is a uab port but its only for charging.
Q:does it have ear phone jack
A:yaaa, it is having.
Q:can i use laptop?
A:Absolutely……..It works fine with laptop both way….either via Bluetooth or via AUX cable which is provided with the speaker.
Q:is this can be used while charging?
A:it’s not given in the manual though, but I use it at times and it works. I had seen a video review of this product on YouTube and the review mentioned that it can be used while charging.
Q:is there option for charging phone
Q:Which is sound quality is good JBL go and Philips?
A:JBL it is better than Philips, better you go with JBL becoz Philips is not more reliable product …within 3 months its IC get damage right now this is in COMA for repairing
Q:is it water proof?
A:no, its not water proof
Q:Can this be connected with Computer or Laptop?
A:Yes. It’s a good speaker.
Q:I can use video sound ?
A:Yes, Good sound quality
Q:how charge the speaker
A:Smart phn charger
Q:is this product have radio option?
A:No, Its only blue tooth speaker.
Q:when this speaker full charge what’s the led indicator that speaker was cgarge fully
A:When You start charging your speaker LED light start In RED while its in Charging position. When your Speaker charged full Red LED light is turn off. it means your speaker is now Full Charged
Q:which device is used to charge it
A:usb cable
Q:what about the working hours ?how many hours ti get fully charged?
A:working hours is less ..only 4hours..full charge it takes around 2-3 hours
Q:How many hours it will work after getting fully charged? And how many hours it take to get fully charged?
A:It will work 3 hours once fully charged speaker. It will take 1 hour for fully charge speaker. noce quality sound, clarity, dolby sound.
Q:How to start radio?
A:yes you can. plug in the aux cable and press the power button. you will see the LED changing
Q:is there any 3.5mm audio cable in this perches???
A:Yes, there is a 3.5 mm jack available.
Q:Wich is Best blootuth speaker philips bt 64b or jbl go ?pls tell me
A:this one is really good for indoor area…sound quality is fine…best product in the price range of 1000-2000
Q:Wich is Best blootuth speaker philips bt 64b or jbl go
A:jbl go
Q:is the two speakers are for sound ?ya one is for sound and one is for base?give answer quickly.i am waiting…
A:one is for base and other one is for sound
Q:How to play f.m radio on the speaker as it has one inbuilt?
A:you have to inject your headphones and press the power button again and again to change the mode of speaker
Q:How to check my current battery level… Has any app for controlling speaker and know battery status????
A:Its beeping when battery low.
Q:How do I get to know that the battery is turning down and I need to connect the charger
A:It will beep the light when running low on battery and you’ll certainly know it has to be charged
Q:my speaker is making poping sounds after every 20 sec why
A:charging issue
Q:what about bass?
A:Bass is just okay, not bad. This is just a little speaker.
Q:Which charger is advised for charging this speaker. I have a 4000mah mi phone charger is it ok to use it to charge the speaker.
A:Hi , you can use any Android phone charger.
Q:is it compatible with le 2 phone ? how to connect
A:Yes. switch on yr blue tooth in phone and power on speaker .It will search and automatically connect.
Q:does it have good bass?
Q:how i know about the battery is full charged
A:while charging the light blow and when the device is fully charged it doesnt blow….
Q:is there an indication to know whthr the device is fully charged?
A:Charging light will switch off once it’s fully charged
Q:Is the Volume of speaker loud enough ?
A:yup it is it is pretty much loud
Q:i am using 2amp power charger, they have any problem for battery
Q:is this can be used while charging?
Q:is this can be used while charging?
Q:is this can be used while charging?
Q:can we use Samsung mobile charger for charging?
A:yes you can
Q:Does this product comes with its own charger, inside the box???
A:No! It doesn’t come with a charger. You have to charge it with any mobile charger.
Q:How much time it take to get fully charge?And how much time it should be used?
A:takes 2 hours to fully charge and Can run up to 2- 3 hours once charged
Q:Battery inside there
A:yes , rechargeable battery with 4-5 hrs backup
Q:does it have removable battery or inbuit battery and what is the capacity of battery ?
A:inbuit battery and ony 2hr running battery
Q:there is a nice quality of aux cable or not which is coming with this product?
A:yes cable is good and working fine
Q:how to charge method . usb cable
A:You can also charge by your mobile charger. Or by power bank. Same cable is used.
Q:does there any problem with its bluetooth connectivity as some people pointed out?
A:I am using a long time and I don’t find such type of problem.
Q:does it have an inbuilt FM or not?
Q:can u plz provide battery information
A:it has a dc 5v-1000mA battery you can play songs for approx 3-4 hours
Q:can we use it with bluetooth 4.1 or above? specifications say that it work only with 4.1 or below
A:yes, you can use with Bluetooth 4.1 or above. I am using now with 4.1.
Q:can we use it directly buy inserting pen drive? and what about fm, does it support fm?
A:no we can’t insert pen drive directly yes it supports fm
Q:how long it’s battery backup?
A:1 hours
Q:does it has mic?
Q:does it has its own charger in the box
Q:does work vivo y55s
A:it will work with all the mobiles which are having Bluetooth
Q:tell me its play time..
A:u can easy use it for 2-3 hours
Q:battery backup time?
A:2.25 Hrs. AND PLUS+
Q:can i connect to my cd player ????? through any suitable connecting?
A:Not any suitable cable for connecting to CD.
Q:in the sales what things i get with the speaker unit????
A:USB cable, AUX cable, operating manual & speaker unit.
Q:in the sales package what things j get???
A:a cable connet with the phone ..without Bluetooth. .nd a cable for charging
Q:is it better than jbl go?
A:for this price better go for Philips ,,, sound clarity ,bluetooth connectivity ,,,all and all hats off
Q:how does the fm works ??
A:it doesnt have FM
Q:what about bass Quality??
A:quite goood according to its size..i will give 4 star for its bass..
Q:how long battery remains
A:Almost One day … If u use whole day … Must say gud battery LIfe
Q:Can I use this with iPhone ?
Q:how much time to take for complete charging? and how many hours its working after charge
A:The speaker takes 45 minutes (average) to get charged. It works almost 2 hours after full charged.
Q:is the Battery rechargeable??
Q:Does it have next or previous song buttons?
A:Yes it has next and previous button, product is perfect except battery backup.
Q:does this product has fm radio ? how does it work in case yes ?does it always need to be connected to mobile to play fm ?
A:It has its inbuilt fm, no need to connect to mobile. Aux cable need to be connected to it which acs as a antenna.To turn fm on, connect aux cable and press power button for blue and green light.
Q:can I use headphone?
Q:is it a power bank also to charge phone
A:nope. As far as I know this is a portable radio and Bluetooth speaker.
Q:is it a power bank also to charge phone
A:No! It’s a chargeable Bluetooth speaker with FM radio and Aux support.
Q:fm playing option is there or not? how to access it as it is showing.
A:No, there is not any option for FM.
Q:Is there any sound adjustment?
A:yes, It is have.
Q:How ia the quality after 2-3 months some users has pointed out some issues after they use it for a period of time…?
A:It’s good it’s have no problem
Q:Is fm Radio available in this
A:No.Iam not getting
Q:why we have increase the.first it was at rs1245
A:may be increased demand led to increase in price. I am using since last around 1 month and have good experience.

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