Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Black

Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion free music

Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth 4.0 or below. Bluetooth range: Line of sight, 10M or 30FT

Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere

Battery backup is 5-6 hrs when the volume level is at Moderate level ( 40 -50% ). Good Bluetooth signal strength leads to slow discharging

Included accessories USB cable for PC charging, World Wide Warranty leaflet and Quick install guide

Technical Details

Model Year2015
Item Weight91 g
Product Dimensions6.1 x 6.1 x 7.6 cm
Batteries:1 A batteries required. (included)
Item model numberBT50B
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Audio Wattage2 Watts
Wattage2 Watts
Batteries IncludedYes
Batteries RequiredYes
Battery Cell CompositionAlkaline
Wireless TypeBluetooth
Includes Rechargable BatteryYes
Includes RemoteNo
Supports Bluetooth TechnologyYes
The Philips BT50A Wireless Mobile/ Tablet Speaker has a compact can-like form so you can keep your music pumping wherever you go. This speaker comes with a built-in rechargableb battery and is bluetooth-compatible.

This speaker fits in your fist so you can carry it wherever you go. All you have to do is connect this speaker to your smartphone and listen to your favourite track with ground-breaking sounds while on the go.


Enjoy an immersive audio experience with this speaker as it keeps the quality of sound intact while amplifying it with a 3.81 cm (1.5) driver and a built-in amplifier. The Anti-Clipping feature ensures that the speakers are safe from damage due to distortion without affecting the loudness.


Now you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or iPod as this speaker is Bluetooth compatible (with A2DP, AVRCP, HFP) for a distance of up to 10 m. This speaker also has a 3.5 mm audio-in jack so you can connect it directly to your phone or other electronic devices as well.

Bluetooth Compatible
3.5 mm Jack

This speaker has a power output of 2 W (RMS) and is powered by a rechargeable Li-Po battery. Charge this speaker via its USB port and listen to music for 6 hours at a stretch.

2 W Power Output
Li-Po Battery
Charge Via USB Port

From the manufacturer

Questions and Answers

Q:is this device wired also?? 3.5mm jack is there?
Q:aux cable in this product ?
Q:can we connect this speaker to a computer without using bluethoot
Q:This device is waterproof?
A:no it isn’t waterproof. don’t try to check that out practically
Q:In the Bluetooth speaker its own volume system is there or not?
A:No it doesn’t have one.
Q:Is it chargeable???? If yes then how???
A:yes it is any mobile adaptar
Q:Can we use it while the device is being charged? Like continuously for 10 to 12 hrs?
A:yes you can
Q:It is wireless ?
A:Yep, absolutely
Q:can we use 9V adapter to charge it ???
A:it not mentioned in user manual but I m using my mobile charger for charging…
Q:can we use it for pc ??
A:Yes, you can used it in PC
Q:Does it work… when we play video online or from gallery ???
A:yes, sure it works
Q:can we conect more than one speker at a mobile?
A:no,only one device at a time
Q:usb is connect??
Q:can we connect a pen drive to it?
A:no only connect with Bluetooth
Q:it has sd card slot or not
A:No sd card slot
Q:Can we insert pendrive directly in USB channel and play songs?
A:No, actually in USB channel is only given for charging it.
Q:how about bass
A:Overall experience is about par. Dont expect much regarding Bass. it’s not meant for that much Bass and amplified sound . but at this price , the quality and experience is good.
Q:is this speaker suppot calling
Q:how much is battery capacity in maH
A:1 day
Q:What is the size of device?
A:It’s too small around 10 to 12cm.
Q:can this speaker be connected with i phone 7?
A:yes.. with any iOS, android, windows phone.. 😊
Q:conect audio cd or not
Q:is it connect with samsung j7 prime ?
A:Yes, of course. It can be connected to any smartphone, using Bluetooth.
Q:it supports on lyf phones?
A:It is a Bluetooth speaker and it works with phone/ tablet/ pc with Bluetooth connectivity.
Q:is it compatible with iPhone 6s?
A:All mobile Compatible
Q:is there a aux cable in the packet???
Q:Can i use micro SD card to play songs in this device? can only connect Bluetooth devices
Q:How can I connect it to laptop..?
A:Hi, I am using this product and I have also connected to my laptop with ubuntu OS.I just turned on Bluetooth and connect to this speaker after that do some settings in volume settings then it worked
Q:can it connect with PC or LAP with wire connection?
A:ya it will connect to pc or lappy but only thorough Bluetooth. no wire connection is there
Q:Can we connect to computers (pc)? If yes, how
A:yes, you can use the aux cable and you’re done
Q:how loud is it?
A:sound is sweet but not too is ok ok product.
Q:is it connectable to samsung galaxy on 5?
Q:How long will it play music if fully charged?
A:approx 4 hours
Q:can we charge it through power bank 11000mAh???
Q:Can I use my MI REDMI NOTE 4 charger to charge it?
A:yes you can use it to charge the speaker.
Q:Is there a hook or thred to hang the device on wall or Windows?
Q:Is there a hook or thred to hang the device on wall or Windows?
Q:Is there a hook or thred to hang the device on wall or Windows?
Q:Is there a hook or thred using which we can hang it to the walls or Windows?
A:No. There is no hook or thread.
Q:Is there a hook or thred using which we can hang it to the walls or Windows?
A:Unfortunately….There isnt…..
Q:How to charge and how to know it is fully charged what is the use of buttens
A:You can charge with help of 2.0 usb. led light indicates the charging.
Q:how it sound quality?
A:It’s awsome sound quality
Q:what about sound break
A:I dont feel it is woth buying portable speaker and connectivity is very slow ..sound breaks sometimes but not regulary
Q:is this device has volume adjustment feature
Q:is this speaker support headphones?
Q:is this speaker support earphone??
A:this is input device …
Q:is this support bluetooth 4.1
Q:Can I charge this product through smartphone charger directly from current?
Q:can i connect it to laptop
Q:With no volume buttons does the speaker have good quality sound
Q:Has it mic for calling?
A:no mic
Q:Has it mic for calling?
A:no it doesn’t. its simply for playing music
Q:Has it mic for calling?
A:No.. other then that, speaker do have pretty decent sound quality, and I really liked the look and feel of the product in terms of texture and form
Q:can i connect with hp laptop
A:it cannot be connected to the laptops..i
Q:How many Hours the New Product Has to be Charged ??
A:Less than 40 minutes
Q:is it compatible with my PC, which has Linux operating system
A:u can use it with an aux cable, but with pc, if there is no Bluetooth v4.0 or above, u can’t operate it, u have to install an Bluetooth device firstly, in pc, with it’s driver installed
Q:pendrives are work or not?
A:It does not have USB option.. Only AUX and Bluetooth. But sound quality is very good..
Q:how much time is required for it to be fully charged
A:4 to 5 hours
Q:how much time we have to charge it ?
A:2-3 hrs charge, battery backup not good.sound sufficient in a room over all good.
Q:does this work with Samsung Grand Prime And J2
Q:how to increase volume
A:There’s no button on the speaker to control volume. You can control volume through the connected device I.e. mobile, laptop whatever the speaker is connected to.
Q:Does this has charging or discharging indicator? How do we know the battery level?
A:when u connect it wid any mobile phone there it will show d level of charge it is having…accordingly u r connect to charger
Q:Does this has charging or discharging indicator? How do we know the battery level?
A:it has a charging indicator.There is no indication to know the battery level.
Q:how many hours want to put charge how many hours it ll stand. . .
A:one hour charge will stand for 3 hrs
Q:can we directly charge this product from current? or is charging possible only through laptops or computers?
A:Yeah.. I m directly charge from current
Q:does it connects pen drive not usb
Q:does it have bass?
Q:Redmi 4 is compatible with this speaker??and tell me about sounds of this speaker
A:Yes It Is Best Speaker in range it connect fast in redmi 4
Q:can we connect through smart tv?
A:Yes, we can connect smart tv with AUX cable but it’s volume is not enough for large room.
Q:Does it have a built in microphone?
Q:will it work on youtube and audio surfing?
A:yes it works on youtube
Q:what is sound limit
A:can hear throught out the house
Q:is this device is water proof.
A:no it is a normal wireless speaker
Q:does it connect to television
A:it does connect to everything having Bluetooth. So no worries there
Q:How is bass quantity?
A:Bass quality is great I loved it
Q:is this have FM system
A:No, only Bluetooth connection which is working fantastic.
Q:how about bass and treble
A:Bass frequency ranges. Treble sound is the counterpart to bass sound.
Q:does it support samsung note 5
A:It connects through bluetooth. Obviously, it will support.
Q:what is the capacity of battery
A:4-5 hrs
Q:can we connect it to tv via USB to play music from tv
Q:is this play video,movies sounds?
A:Yes, it plays and supports on all mobiles
Q:can we adjust sound through a phone ???
A:Yes.. we can….
Q:is work in lenevo vibe k5 note
A:Yes Surely
Q:is it water resistant?
Q:sound freqency range
A:it is suitable for indoor not outdoor. the price is high high compared to the size and volume. and bass is pretty decent not much effective.
Q:its work sony xperia xa1 mobile??
A:I think its definitely working on all bluetooth devices.
Q:Can I connect directly with laptop without Bluetooth and during this time it would be connected via USB with laptop?
A:yes by usb
Q:Does it connects with a laptop ??
A:yeah it does
Q:have any inbuilt microphone for calling purpose ?
A:No you can use your phone’s microphone to talk
Q:does it supports iphone 6 bluetooth
A:It supports all kinds of Bluetooth services
Q:do it will supoort jio music songs
A:yes it supports jio music app
Q:what is the power output….in hz
Q:can it connect with lenovo vibe k5 plus?
A:Yes it can connect via aux
Q:how’s the bass ?
A:bass is moderate (as comparison with other Bluetooth speakers). it will be pleasant to ears.
Q:Is it compatible with Mi A1 ?
A:Yes, it is compatible with your mobile.
Q:can I use headphones?
A:no , nO Slot for heaphones . Still good.
Q:can we add usb
A:yes plZzz fix more MHz battery in this product…..
Q:What’s about its volume and it’s adjustable thorough speeker
A:The volume is enough for normal room. No, it isn’t adjustable.
Q:If i switch on radio on my phone it will play in it
A:yes of course
Q:Does it get charged with normal mobile charger ?
Q:what is battery back of this speaker
A:Low Battery
Q:can we connect it to a mobile with an Usb?
A:yeah…u can. you also connect it with your mobile via Bluetooth
Q:is this speaker waterproof too?
Q:does it have fm radio?
A:NO, my doesn’t have fm radio….it is good only inside the room

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